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Professional Accounting Services

Business, Trusts, Personal Accounting

Business, Trusts, Personal Accounting – All types of accounting services are performed by our firm. We can help set up your new Business from the beginning, applying for your federal ID# etc. to preparing your yearly tax returns. Help in the process of monthly overview of all your Trust needs, and preparing the tax returns. Personalservices are also available with paying of your bills, or setting you up on a budget.

Payroll Services

Payrolls can be run and have checks printed manually or by direct deposit:

  • Weekly
  • Bi-weekly
  • Semi-monthly
  • Monthly basis.

Taxes payments can be made manually or electronically

  • 941
  • 940
  • State Withholding
  • State Unemployment

Quarterly and monthly payroll reports can be filed manually or quarterly:

  • 941
  • 940
  • MESC
  • W-3 and W2's
  • 1096 and 1099's
  • Annual Sales Tax and State Withholding Form
Financial Reports, Actual Budget

A Financial Statement whether it be on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis, is needed by every business to know if its financial status. Income and Expenses are recorded to show a profit or loss for your business. Budgeting is a great tool that can be used to make sure of over-spending does not accrue.

Bank Funds Reconciled

No business should go without knowing at any point in time how much money they have in the bank. At the end of every month reconciliation should be done all accounts to verify your balance.

Fraud Prevention and Detection

We can come into your firm and review your records and determine if any type of Fraud is taking place. We know/have the tools to verify if someone is allegedly stealing money from your company.

Personal and Business Balance Sheets

Many times a business or individual will need a balance/financial statement for financing or some type of reporting. We can help develop a Balance sheet for individuals and businesses starting from scratch or improving one that has already been developed.

Confidential Services

Whether it is with your tax return, banking information or personal information all information is held as the highest of confidence. We do not send any financial information thru the internet. This could jeopardize our client’s financial information.

Professional Tax Services

We have prepared income tax returns since 1985. There are have been over 5,000 returns that have been processed thru Karl Haiser CPA including personal, partnerships, corporations, non-profit organizations, and trust returns. All returns are electronically filed with the IRS, your particular state, and city return if needed. Refunds can be direct deposited into a checking account for faster refunds.

Personal Tax Filing, all states and IRS

Filing for your personal income tax returns has become very difficult for an individual to prepare by themselves anymore, including all states and city returns. If a large amount of money is owed, we can help you calculate your next year’s tax liability and set you up for estimates for the next tax year. Our firm has trained tax preparers that go for yearly training and can do any of the forms that are required for your return. We work to make sure you get all of your deductions so that you get your money back and the IRS does not keep it.

Partnership, Corporations and Non-Profits

Before your personal return can be completed, if you have a partnership or corporation, your 1065 Federal Partnership and 1120C or S Corporations Income Tax Return needs to be completed. The profit or loss could possibility flow thru to your personal return. Our teams of tax preparers can get your returns done on a daily basis and will never miss a due date.

Issues with Federal and State Agency's

If the issue should arise where the IRS wants additional information from the taxpayer, or wants to review their filed information, we can handle it for you. We would ask for a Power of Attorney form so that we can talk on your behalf. Many times the IRS has calculated something in error, instead of the taxpayer paying the fine; we can work to get it removed.

Installment and Offer and Compromise

We understand that times are tight right now and taxpayers want their money in their pocket now. If after we complete your return, you end up owing any agency, we can help you get an installment agreement set up or get an Offer and Compromise into place for you.

Filing and Extension

We work to get all of your tax returns and issues filed on a timely basis. However, if more time is required for filing of your personal or business returns, we can assist in filing for an extension rather than pay the fee for filing late.

Our tax services are all year round!! All seniors, new clients, and late filers are always welcome.

Forensic Accounting Services

Embezzlement Examination, Family or Business
  • Trust Services/Trustee
  • Asset Examinations
  • Court Reporting and Asset Recovery
Divorce Asset Investigations for Settlement
  • Asset Valuation of a Business
  • Forensic Investigation of Spouse Income
  • Court Fact Expert
Litigation Support, Trustee Services and Annual Court Reporting
  • Tax Fraud Cases
  • Product/Finished goods failure
  • Divorce Accounting and Recovery Support
  • Business embezzlement of funds
  • Governmental Funds Embezzlements
  • Credentials Fraud
  • Financial Statement Fraud
  • Government Corruption and Criminal Organizations
County Prosecution and Michigan State Police
  • Felony Embezzlement cases
  • Analysis of lost funds and suspect identifications
  • Interview persons/professionals
  • Court Approved Expert Witness
Insurance Claim and Recovery Services
  • Appraiser services available for business fire loss, dishonest employee acts, and cash bond recovery
  • GAP Insurance Recovery/Auto Claims
  • Manufacturing income loss recovery due to faulty supplier parts
Fraud Prevention and Detection Services
  • Review of Internal Controls and Risk Assessments
  • Selected Internal audit investigations
  • Witness/Employee Internal Interviews
  • State, Federal, DDA – Funding reconciliation and proofs
Vulnerable Audit (VA) Financial Investigation and Findings
  • Examine Trustee Financial Transaction for VA
  • Examine VA Annual Reporting and compliance
  • Provide Court Reporting as required
  • Audit conflicts and self-savings trustee fees
  • Examine Trustee “Misconduct” actions/loss
Governmental Sewer, Water Funds and Special Assessments Examination
  • Special Forensic Risk Assessment Program
  • Funds Supplanting Examination
  • Unlawful adjustments and embezzlement
  • Single Engagements are developed

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