You can count on us.

In these challenging economic times, workplace fraud and abuse is on the rise, costing those affected an estimated $652 billion in lost revenue annually. Truth be told, no one is immune. But there is help thanks to Michigan Forensic Accounting (MFA), Michigan's premier investigative accounting and tax planning firm.

At MFA, we are committed to supporting law enforcement, government entities, non-profits and others with comprehensive

forensic accounting capabilities that yield valuable and, more importantly, credible information. Our mission is to identify fraudulent activity, facilitate prosecution, enhance recovery and prevent future victimization.

We dig deeper.

While no one is immune to fraud, there is help. By conducting an individualized, confidential analysis of your unique situation, MFA can create an effective - and cost-effective - risk management and recovery plan tailored to even the most daunting scenario. When experience counts, we mean business.

You can count on us.

With a wealth of combined experience, the MFA team is dedicated to keeping watch over the bottom line by:

  • Identifying fraudulent activities, such as embezzlement and/or misappropriation of assets.
  • Conducting fraud audits to quantify losses and preserve evidence.
  • Assisting with insurance claims, expert testimony and litigation support.
  • Preventing future financial crimes through training, education and empowerment.

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